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Loan Servicing Analyst

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Loan Servicing Analyst

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Chicago Illinois

Loan Servicing Analyst

National Community Investment Fund (NCIF; is an impact investor and national nonprofit Community Development Financial Institution (CDFI) formed in 1996 with a mission to increase access to responsible financial products and services in underserved communities. Currently, total assets under management at NCIF are around $210 million, including a balance sheet of $60 million and $158 million of New Markets Tax Credits (NMTC) allocations. In 2019, NCIF launched a $30 million Credit Strategies Fund for lending and is in the process of raising another $30-$50 million of debt capital to support growth and impact. NCIF achieves its mission via three complementary business lines:

  1. Equity Investing in mission-oriented Certified Development Financial Institutions (CDFI), Minority Depository Institutions (MDIs), and Mission-Oriented Financial Institutions (MOFIs) as agents of change across the US and its territories. These can be banks and non-banks as well as large corporates that act as anchors in communities. NCIF is the largest investor in the CDFI banking industry, with investments in ~10% of all certified CDFI Banks;
  2. New Markets Tax Credits: Since 2003, NCIF has received $376 million in NMTC allocations that are being deployed into real estate, operating companies, health care facilities, schools, other nonprofit and for-profit impact-oriented businesses in partnership with local CDFI institutions; and
  3. Lending: NCIF makes loans in partnership with CDFIs, MDIs, and MOFIs to enhance the impact of projects that benefit underserved communities.

Impact measurement is the foundation of NCIF’s work and supports all of our business lines. We advise investors and other stakeholders to place equity, debt, deposits, and grants to meet their programmatic and geographic focus areas. NCIF pioneered the use of Social Performance Metrics

As the Loan Servicing Analyst/Senior Loan Servicing Analyst, you will be part of the portfolio and compliance management department. This role will support asset management, compliance, and reporting in equity investing, lending, and NMTC.

To thrive, you should have:

      Passion for community development and improving individuals’ lives in underserved communities.

      Bachelor’s degree (or equivalent work experience), preferably in business, accounting, or finance.

      Demonstrated understanding of credit and financial analysis and portfolio risk management, with formal credit training a plus.

      2- 7 years experience in accounting, finance, asset management, real estate, and non-profit lending departments. Experience working with a CDFI in NMTC or lending compliance/portfolio management (including AMIS) will be a plus.

      Experience in preparing loan portfolios, lenders, and investor reports.

      Ability to provide compliance-related support and guidance to various business groups.

      Familiarity with construction lending practices and terminology.

      Strong attention to detail and analytical skills. Proficiency in MS Office with solid expertise in MS Excel

      Ability and willingness to work in an entrepreneurial organization positioned to grow.

      Ability to work on multiple projects simultaneously. Demonstrated oral and written presentation skills.

      Ability to work and communicate with varying levels of business stakeholders and

technical teams.

      Must be a resident of Chicago/Greater Chicago area, and adhere to our hybrid in-office schedule.

Your responsibilities as the Loan Servicing Analyst will include:

Portfolio and Asset Management for the NCIF equity and loan portfolios

  • Evaluate borrowers’ credit data and financial statements in collaboration with the
  • Lending/NMTC department and review areas of risk and risk ratings.
  • Spread and perform financial statement reviews and analyses on NCIF portfolios, in
  • collaboration with the lending and equity departments.
  • Monitor loan/investment terms, including dividend and loan payments, loan covenants, financial statements, impact reporting, compliance, insurance certificates, etc.
  • Compile and track financial and non-financial documents from borrowers to adhere to
  • loan covenants.
  • Work in conjunction with the accounting department to input, monitor and analyze
  • loan information to the loan core system (Nortridge Loan System).
  • Special projects as determined by the Head of the Department.

Compliance and Reporting

  • Maintain ticklers for internal and external reporting for the organization.
  • Create monthly, quarterly, and semi-annual loan and investment reports.
  • Conduct file (physical/electronic) audits and provide status reports to the Head of Department.
  • Prepare and file CDFI Fund reports on AMIS (including ILR (Institution level Reports), TLR (Transaction Level Reports)), and other AMIS reporting under the supervision of the Head of the Department.
  • Prepare reports for investors and lenders on portfolios around financial and impact performance.


We value our employees’ time and efforts. Our commitment to your success is enhanced by our competitive compensation and an extensive benefits package, including paid time off, medical, dental, and vision benefits.

NCIF is an equal opportunity employer and provides equal treatment and opportunity to all persons regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, sex, age, disability, veteran status, or sexual orientation, except where such distinction is required by law.