What else would you expect from Insperity?

Our early talent initiatives are designed to help you explore, network, learn, grow, and figure out what the next step in your career should be. Our business is powered by people, so you can imagine just how much of an impact you can make at Insperity.

Top 100 Winner 2022

Our internships are so exceptional, we earned the WayUp Award for Internships in 2022.

Our Early Talent Programs

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Early learners explore their potential career paths through Genesys Works programs and other high school internships.

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Interns rotate through core roles in different Insperity departments during this summer program.

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Interns have focused experiences in a specific department, such as IT, HR, payroll, sales or marketing.

At Insperity, we’re working to recruit and develop early talent: individuals who are beginning to explore professional opportunities or have recently changed career paths.

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What can you expect as an Insperity intern?

Are you ready for a challenge?

You’ll have rigorous expectations and assignments that matter to our success. And yours. You know … real work! You’ll also network with people from throughout the organization. We want you to experience our business from the inside so you can make informed career decisions.

A few other things you can expect…

We match you with an Insperity Ambassador. Your ambassador is your mentor for the summer and beyond. They are invested in your success and will help you navigate Insperity, act as a sounding board on work projects and provide meaningful insights on career pathways after graduation.

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All work and no play? No way.

Expect an outing or two – or four. We go to baseball games and do volunteer work – we’re big on giving back – and we always celebrate milestones.

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Meet our leadership.

We’re talking about the very top of the organization including the board of directors and leaders from across the country.

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Lunch and Learn.

Learn how to read paystubs, how to set up your 401(k), the importance of investing, how to write for business and much more.

Want to get the most out of your internship?

Here’s some advice from actual Insperity interns.



Research the company beyond what you did for your internship interview. Know its history, financial status, and culture.


Be Social

Make an effort to meet and network with everyone. Our business is built on relationships so the stronger your network, the better your chances of success.


Ask Questions

As an intern, we don't anticipate you will know everything, but you’re expected to learn as much as possible. Asking industry- and job-related questions shows your interest in the subject matter and desire to excel.


Go above and beyond

Your internship assignments are meant to challenge you. We’re looking for individuals who embrace change as an opportunity to learn and improve.


Find a Mentor

Internships give you access to subject matter experts that enable you to learn more about your desired field. By developing a mentor/mentee relationship with someone, you can continue to learn from them after the internship ends.

What is the Insperity internship experience like? Here are some highlights.